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The Best Electric Women’s Shave...


  It’s spring time, the sun is out, that can mean only one thing, regular shaving! (Before anyone decides to debate about promoting the necessity to shave, if you choose not to shave, that is totally your choice, my choice however is to remove hair) I have hypersensitive skin on my legs, after trying a […]

Is Your Diet Ageing Your Face? 5 Tips...


Taken from my original post on the Huffington Post New Year, New You? Have you started the year focused on changing how you look this year? What if the diet you’ve started is actually going to make you feel worse about yourself in the long run? Firstly I want to point out that I am […]

Cardiospermum Gel For Itchy Eczema


I was very kindly sent a pot of the Cardiosperum Gel by, actually I was sent 2 as I have a friend who’s son has severe eczema which differs to the eczema my girls have and so I thought it would be great for us both to give it a good try. My girls […]

Salon Science® Haircare

Salon Science® Haircare

I was kindly sent some products to try by hair science from their Repair and Radiance range, I already had their ReGlosse Smoothing Serum and so when I was asked to try more from the range, I jumped at the chance. I currently have blue hair with rainbow underneath, maintaining this colour is extremely difficult […]

Controlling Hormonal Breakouts With S...

Acne skin because the disorders of sebaceous glands productions

I get so many emails from women of all ages who tend to have the classic symptoms of hormonal acne or hormonal breakouts, spots that breakout around the mouth, jawline and on the chin, these can sometimes be very large and very painful. While skincare can help control the severity of the breakouts and reduce […]

Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum


  Recently I’d noticed that the skin under my eyes was looking a little dull and crapey with some fine lines, although I use eye creams I knew my eyes needed something a little high powered to give them a boost.   After a little research I decided to try the Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum. […]

Ladival SPF for Eczema


A friend of mine has a beautiful little boy who suffers with severe eczema, summer is a nightmare because most SPF creams irritate his already delicate skin. This year she discovered Ladival for Kids which has an SPF of 50, she has the spray and has been using it for a couple of weeks and […]



You’ll see a lot of fake tan reviews on this blog, it’s a bit of a necessity when you’re naturally this pale Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pale skin, Nicole Kidman’s look in Moulin Rouge was just perfect but with my dark hair (particularly now that I’m darker) and my dark eyes, I […]

Directions Hair Colour


As you may or may not know, as well as owning Bravura London I own Inkmedix, a Tattoo Aftercare brand. On the 23rd May we were exhibiting at the Great British Tattoo Show in London, blog on that coming soon. Now I’ve been admiring the more alternative hairstyles for a while, gorgeous purples and blues […]

The Library Of Fragrance


  I don’t know if it’s the aromatherapist in me but I have a thing for smells, I have to have smells around me at all times (good smells, the litter tray smell is not one I relish in) but I’m very particular about the smells I class as good, I’m constantly reading releases about […]

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