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Hello, thank you for visiting my little blog. I’m Amanda, a 30 something, beauty & Disney obsessed mother of 3 girls (age 13, 8 and 3, fiancé of Ryan and co Director of Bravura London & Inkmedix. I’ve been in the beauty industry for roughly 18 years. I’ve LOVED skincare and make-up since roughly the age of 14, while all my friends were reading teen magazines, I was reading beauty guides, I also listened to classical music, hated chips and loved cabbage so I guess I was slightly unusual.

I live in South Wales where I’m surrounded by breathtaking scenes of beauty, from the mountains, to lakes surrounded by wildlife and forestry and of course, amazing beaches!

My blog is hopefully an interesting insight in to the beauty world, from normal mummy life and beauty events but mainly a way for me to pass on the beauty tips I’ve learned over the years. As a mother of 3 running a business, I need things that make me look my best as quickly as possible with minimal effort, this I would say is my forte, bag lady to yummy mummy in 10 minutes lol. I’m also getting married in 2018 and so there may be some wedding related blogs too.

I love luxury without the pricetag which is why I created Bravura London, if I can find something amazing at a bargain price, I’m a happy girl. That said I will splurge on some items which you will discover while reading this blog, we all need to treat ourselves from time to time 😉

As well as blogging here, I also have a blog on the Huffington Post where I blog about skincare and life with my partner who has Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

Hopefully you’ll find my blog interesting enough to subscribe to and visit again. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Collette's Gravatar Collette
    September 10, 2013    

    I have just come across you by mistake but I’m hooked ,can’t wait to hear about your tips for staying young for my age without the expense

    • amandae's Gravatar amandae
      September 10, 2013    

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Sue boorman's Gravatar Sue boorman
    February 8, 2014    

    Hi Amanda
    I too am obsessed and hooked on beauty regime, I have so many face creams and treatments that my husband says I could open my own shop. Skin care has has always been on top of my list and like you, since I turned 14. I was introduced to your products by a gay family member who like me is also obsessed with skin products and beauty treatments. Being an ex Vanda girl when I can I always find myself recommending products to friends and family and because of my enthusiasm and obsessive passion, strangely enough I am always able to hold the attention of an audience and I always seem to find them taking my advise. I have to strongly believe in a product before ever recommending it and this being said I am very impressed with your products. I am due to visit Wales in the early spring and would love to pay your establishment a visit if permitted.
    Thank you Sue

    • amandae's Gravatar amandae
      February 17, 2014    

      Thank you for your lovely comments Sue. As for a visit I’m afraid we don’t have a store that customers can visit at the moment but I do hope you enjoy your time in Wales, it’s beautiful here.

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