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Baby Manicure


Don’t worry I’m not one of these crazy mother that injects botox in to their 8 year olds. Aryana is a very touchy feely baby, she loves to stroke things (her favourite is silk) and she tends to stroke her head when she goes to sleep. The problem is her nails can get pretty sharp which means she’s leaving red scratch marks all over her face. It’s too hot for scratch mitts plus I think it would be a little unfair to cover her hands when she gets so much comfort from feeling things, her nails are too short for scissors (I HATE cutting baby’s nails), so I recently tried Baby Emery Boards from boots.


They’re 99p for 3 boards which will last absolutely ages and they are super soft while being abrasive enough to gently file Aryana’s nails without irritating her skin.

Now in beauty college we’re taught to gently file the nail in small sections, not in a sawing action, but I’ve had to go against my training because I found the easiest way to file Aryana’s nails is to basically file up the tip of the nail. It only takes a few seconds on each nail, keep feeling it until it doesn’t feel like it could scratch the baby anymore.

As you can see from the top picture, Aryana is quite happy to have her nails done so she clearly follows her mum and big sisters, I can’t wait until the time that we’re all going for manicures together hehe

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