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Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum



Recently I’d noticed that the skin under my eyes was looking a little dull and crapey with some fine lines, although I use eye creams I knew my eyes needed something a little high powered to give them a boost.


After a little research I decided to try the Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum. But what does EFG stand for? It’s short for Epidermal Growth Factor, now EGF can be a little controversial, the growth means it causes the skin to produce extra collagen and thickens the skin, which is perfect for the delicate, thin skin under our eyes. EGF is also a low-molecular-weight polypeptide which means it can penetrate deeper in to the skin, but there are also concerns that there are links to cancer from EGF derived from DNA. However Bioeffect state that the EFG they used is derived from plants (barley) and not copied from human or animal DNA and is therefor safe.


As mentioned on their website – EGF (epidermal growth factor) and other cellular activators work as natural signalling molecules between skin cells. The EGF recognises and binds to a specific receptor on the outer surface of skin cells. The receptor in turn delivers a message to the cell nucleus – the ‘control centre’ of the cell – through a complex signalling cascade. In the nucleus, the message is translated into diverse cellular activities, leading to increased production of collagen and elastin within the skin.


I have to say, the results were amazing! After a couple of months use the results on my eyes were dramatically noticeable, I should note that as I do look after my skin it wasn’t terribly bad in the first place but I have read a lot of reviews about this product and the majority of people seem to love it.


The skin under my eyes is now tighter, brighter and a lot more youthful, the product is a little pricey at £65 for 6ml but given that one bottle gives such great results, if you wanted to treat yourself to give yourself a boost you should see the results. One thing to remember is, if you buy an expensive product then use it, don’t keep it for special occasions, you have to use this daily to get results.


There are two downsides to this product, this first is that it’s pumped from the bottom and it does dispense more product than you need, I apply a little to my eyes using the roll on and then rub it in, making sure that I don’t apply too much and waste the product, you only need to use a small amount of eye product, about half a grain of rice! The second downside is that the packaging is all opaque and so you have no idea when you’re going to run out.


I think the bottle lasted me about 3 months. When I buy other skincare brands I rarely buy a second bottle, this one I have. I use it once a day in the evening and am currently trying out another eye serum in the day.


I buy mine from, at the moment you get 15% off all orders and free delivery over £50 as well as 2 free samples, if there’s no offer on, sign up to their newsletter and you’ll receive 10% off. Or have a look on google to see if anyone has a special offer on.

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