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Bravura London 2% Salicylic Acid


I don’t know if there’s a rule against blogging about your own products, if there is, well I’m not one that tends to stick to convention anyway lol

Salicylic Acid is a fantastic product for people with blackheads, enlarged pores and oily skin conditions because it’s able to penetrate through oil, it’s also great for hormonal spots that tend to be inflamed because it’s also an anti-inflammatory. I wasn’t convinced about a 2% salicylic peel, I like peels that make a big difference to the skin otherwise what’s the point? There are plenty of creams on the market that make an OK difference, if Bravura was going to release a new peel it had to be spectacular. So after a lot of testing we finally developed a peel I was happy with. I tested this peel extensively and I knew after only 2 uses that this was an amazing product!

My skin is very problematic if I don’t have a strict skincare regime. My once oily skin is now more combination than oily but I tend to suffer with blackheads, enlarged pores, ice pick scars from acne when I was younger and of course, I have to think about ageing! My skin at the moment is the best it’s been since I was about 10 (seriously) so I wasn’t sure my skin could get any better but it really did. Firstly the feel of my skin, you know the phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom”? Well I have a baby and you know what, I think my cheeks are actually softer than her bum. My skin just looks fresher, my pores look tighter and I don’t think it’s wishful thinking (or at least I hope it’s not) that I look younger. I frown a lot because I should wear glasses and don’t which creates a big line through my forehead, the Dermaflannel and acid products have helped but using this chemical exfoliator has made a significant difference.

It is a product you use every other day which at first I wondered if even I could keep up with, but when I saw the results so quickly, it encouraged me to keep using it because I love waking up each morning with beautifully silky smooth skin, it only takes bout 10 minutes so it’s quick enough. I only wear tinted moisturiser but it just glides on like a dream.

It’s a very gentle exfoliator, you don’t feel any tingling when it’s on or when you wash it off, the only thing I noticed was some mild flaking on my nose when I first started using it. Using a chemical exfoliator regularly means that you’re getting rid of the dead skin, excess oils and impurities that are going to clog your pores causing spots and blackheads, it’s also going within the pores to help break down any blockages that are already there. Another great thing about salicylic acid is that it exfoliates so if you tend to have marks that stay on your skin for ages after having spots, this will help to speed up the healing process and fade them.

It’s launching this week and I can’t wait for everyone to try it. We’re working on some before and after pictures but if you do use it, please do take some pictures, if we use them on the website we’ll give you £30 worth of products. To read more please go HERE I’ll also be doing an application video, if you follow me on twitter or the youtube channel then you’ll be the first to know when it goes up.

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