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Cardiospermum Gel For Itchy Eczema


I was very kindly sent a pot of the Cardiosperum Gel by, actually I was sent 2 as I have a friend who’s son has severe eczema which differs to the eczema my girls have and so I thought it would be great for us both to give it a good try. My girls […]

Ladival SPF for Eczema


A friend of mine has a beautiful little boy who suffers with severe eczema, summer is a nightmare because most SPF creams irritate his already delicate skin. This year she discovered Ladival for Kids which has an SPF of 50, she has the spray and has been using it for a couple of weeks and […]

Oilatum Products for Eczema

Oilatum Products for Eczema

This is Lily, my middle daughter. She’s 5 and since she was born she’s had quite delicate skin. In the winter around her lips and cheeks get sore, in summer she tends to get eczema on her chest and back. I find with her skin maintenance is definitely better than cure, at the moment I […]

Baby Manicure

Baby Manicure

Don’t worry I’m not one of these crazy mother that injects botox in to their 8 year olds. Aryana is a very touchy feely baby, she loves to stroke things (her favourite is silk) and she tends to stroke her head when she goes to sleep. The problem is her nails can get pretty sharp […]

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