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Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse


As you may know, my company Bravura London is represented by Can PR Associates who also look after Cocoa Brown. The lovely Chloe sent me a bottle of the Cocoa Brown mousse about 5 weeks ago and I’m not reviewing out of loyalty, I really do like it and will be buying another bottle when this runs out.

The fantastic thing about this tan is that it develops in 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want it. I recently wrote about Fake Bake’s 1 hour tan and how much I love that, so how does this compare?

This tan is slightly lighter but that’s perfect for me right now because I do go lighter over Autumn/Winter. The second great thing about this is that it’s a mousse that applies so beautifully and leaves a delicate colour, no tinge of green at all and I can easily go about my day without looking like I’ve slathered on some gravy browning or that I’m turning in to princess Ffiona. You may be thinking “ahh but the fake tan smell will give you away!”, it doesn’t because it doesn’t have a fake tan smell. There are tans out there that say they don’t have a fake tan smell but then you use them and within an hour or two you have that weird musty smell (I know people say it smells like biscuits, maybe it’s because I tend to only eat sweet things that have a high chocolate content but it doesn’t smell like biscuits to me!), with this tan you really don’t, I don’t anyway. It has a delicate floral smell that isn’t sickly or overpowering.

The tan lasted about 5 days but fades well and it’s so quick and easy to re-apply. Because I use acid products my tan fades much quicker anyway so my face needs topping up every 2-3 days, this genuinely takes about 30 second to apply to my face and neck because of it’s whipped texture.

Another thing I’ve noticed about this tan is that you really can’t go wrong on your hands and feet, with darker tans I always take a lot of time on these areas, applying the tan then applying a moisturiser on top to blend and dilute the product, making sure it doesn’t go dark inbetween the fingers and along the knuckles. With this I just rub the mitt down over my hands after applying to my arms and I gently buff in to the skin on the top of my hands and around my wrists, it’s never gone patchy or left any dark lines.

I really do like this tan, I remember trying St Moritz when everyone first starting raving about it and I really didn’t like it, it smelled really bad and only lasted about 3 days. This is like an upmarket version which isn’t that much more expensive, especially as you’d need to apply it less often.

If you’re new to fake tan a mousse tan is a great product to start with because they’re easier to apply, the light colour guide also means you can see where you’ve applied it. You definitely need a mitt to apply though, you don’t want brown fingers giving you away.

150ml costs £7.99 and the mitt £2.99 which you can buy online at Feel Unique (free P+P) or you can also buy this at Primark and in Superdrug.

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