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Design Your Own Fragrance from £29.95

If like me you used to boil up your mothers roses in the garden to make “perfume” then these sets will probably appeal to you. For only £29.95 you can choose from one of 3 sets which contains 6 different vials to allow you to create your own blend of perfume, how fab is that? Or you could buy the Ultimate Collection for £95 and create a few different blends as a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones. I think this is such an amazing and unique gift for any woman that’s difficult to buy for.

Just like the rich and famous, you too can design your very own signature fragrance, at home! Each set also comes with an instruction leaflet, 3 pipettes and 6 tester blotters for you to become your very own perfumer!


Design your own fragrance – Oriental








The ‘Oriental’ set is exotic and rich, complete with a luxurious 20ml red atomiser and 6 x 5ml blends of Citrus, Floral Floral, Spicy, Woody, Musky, and Amber.


Design your own fragrance – Fresh








The ‘Fresh’ set is crisp and invigorating, complete with a stunning 20ml white atomiser and 6 x 5ml blends of Citrus, Green, Fruity, Ozonic, Musky, and Gentle Floral.


Design your own fragrance – Floral








This ‘Floral’ set is exotic and rich, complete with a luxurious 20ml red atomiser and 6 x 5ml blends of Aldehydic, Rose Floral, Heady Floral, Balsamic, and Gentle Floral.


Design your own fragrance – The Ultimate Collection








With this deluxe Design Your Own Perfume collection you can create your own unique fragrance in a few simple steps.The Perfume Studio have been making bespoke fragrance for over a decade to bring the luxury of a tailor made perfume to everyone. Our blends use the highest quality perfume, designed to help you blend a fragrance as individual as you are.

Become an expert perfumer and create your own signature perfumes. The Ultimate Collection contains: 18 individual perfume blends, 30ml perfume bottle atomiser, 20ml gold diamante atomiser, 18 pipettes, 18 scent strips, blending your fragrance booklet.


The Perfume Studio also has a range of different perfume experiences from £39.95 where you can have a consultation with a perfume consultant and create your own perfume. I would love the “A Day With a Perfumer in London” experience for £149 you have a session with a master perfumer who will acquaint you with our 18 wonderful blends. You will learn their properties and the amotions represented and whether they are top, middle or base notes. You’ll have access to our perfumer’s 25 years of experience to learn about the industry, raw materials and the history of fragrance. After lunch you’ll join the trained consultant to sample all the blends and create your own fragrance; name the fragrance and select a sumptuous 20ml atomiser to take it home in on the day; certificate of authenticity to register your fragrance.

Maybe it’s the aromatherapist in me but to be this is the ultimate experience, forget hot air balloons or fast cars, I want to make my own perfume.

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