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Directions Hair Colour

As you may or may not know, as well as owning Bravura London I own Inkmedix, a Tattoo Aftercare brand. On the 23rd May we were exhibiting at the Great British Tattoo Show in London, blog on that coming soon.

Now I’ve been admiring the more alternative hairstyles for a while, gorgeous purples and blues and have been constantly saying “oh if only I was younger”. I was speaking to one of the yummy mummies from my daughters school who regularly has different colours and she said “just do it, it’s only hair, have fun!” and I thought you know what, I will! Now I promised myself about 5 years ago to never dye my hair at home again after too many disasters but my hairdresser didn’t have any appointments and I wanted to colour it for the convention…good old Amazon Prime and their next day delivery. I went through all the Directions colours (pic at the bottom of the page of their selection) and decided on Midnight Blue, I bought a pack of 4 (and used 3) because I have very thick, long hair. I had the bestie come around to do it which was fun, we probably haven’t coloured each others hair since we were about 16!


My hair was brown with highlights, I decided to go lighter at the end of last year and hated it, there’s still a lot of lighter colour at the ends when my colour starts to fade so I knew that the top would stay one colour and the mid lengths to the end would pick up more of the colour because of the highlights. What I didn’t take in to account was the different shades in my hair which worked with the colour, what does blue and yellow make? GREEN, yes, I had blue and green hair but you know what? I absolutely, totally love it!



The root area went dark, almost black and the ends were dark with a teal green and blue going through it, you can see more green but it looks amazing, I named it “Rock Mermaid Chic” it looks lovely curly and straight and in the sun, it’s just gorgeous!

For the convention I decided to stay pale for a pin up look but when I got home I fake tanned, in natural light the contrast is too much and I genuinely looked like a witch ha

The colour hasn’t dried out my hair but it also hasn’t left it as shiny as a colour normally does, but I’m not too bothered by that, my hair isn’t naturally glossy anyway. It’s a semi permanent colour which is supposed to last 3-8 washes, so far after 4 it’s not as green all over but there’s still plenty of colour there because the dryer hair of my highlights has sucked up the colour. I won’t be using it again because I’m going to have to get it done at the hairdressers, my hair is naturally dark blonde and so if I put this on again, my roots will go bright blue and that’s not going to be a great look. I’m considering this next.



A lot of people stock Directions Hair Colour but I got mine from Amazon, the pot size is 88ml and starts from around £2.50, everyone seems to sell it at a different price. Look at the range of colours!


A word of warning though, when I rinsed it out it made everything blue, it also stained my nails and toe nails! When I did my hair my hands would go blue, this happened until the second wash and even then there was a tinge left on my hands. If you have a white sofa, don’t lean back! It also coloured my pillow cases, one being silk which means I can’t wash it on a high wash but thankfully it’s an old one. I have worn white now but I wouldn’t have worn a white top straight away because every evening I was washing my neck to remove the blue.

I’ve started noticing more ladies in their 30’s experimenting with different colours and why not? If you love the idea, go for it! It’s only hair ;).


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  1. Sarah's Gravatar Sarah
    March 18, 2016    

    Ever since I can remember I’ve always had this gray patch on my fringe/ corn flick ( as if that isn’t bad enough I can never get them the same colour n the gray comes back with a vengeance have you any tips on a colour that will keep I’ve always been dark brown but tried pretty much all apart from blond.

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