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Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan


I’ve been using fake bake for at least 12 years, I discovered it when fake tans were just starting to become really popular in the UK and St Tropez dominated the market, back then I had to order them in from America. Tans have come a long way since then, especially as you can now get a decent tan in only 3 hours! These are marketed as 1 hour tans, you get a lighter tan after 1 hour and a darker tan after 3 hours, they’re not quite as dark as tans left on for 8 hours but they do give a lovely colour which I think is perfect for autumn/winter when ideally you want to take your tan a little lighter for a more natural look.

This tan was my saviour during my latest pregnancy and after the birth of my third daughter. Firstly you may be thinking, why bother fake tanning when you’re pregnant? For me it’s not just about looking my best, it’s to stop people thinking I’m ill! I genuinely am really pale, I know my dark hair and eyes make me look a little exotic but my hair is naturally dark blonde/light brown and my skin is very pale. When I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, I couldn’t be bothered to wear fake tan and every time I visited the anti-natal clinic they gave me a blood test to test me for anaemia, I tried telling them I was just pale and every time the results came back it was negative but each time I saw them, they still tested me. So with my second and third pregnancy, I kept up with my tanning.

The reason this tan is amazing is because when you’re huge and itchy, the last thing you want to have to do is sleep in your tan for 8 hours. When I was breastfeeding, again leaving a tan on for 8 hours is impossible, this tan is perfect to use inbetween feeds where you can leave it on for 1-3 hours. Another plus is because I use salicylic acid daily, my tan fades very quickly and I have to top up my face and neck every 2-3 days, it takes only 2 hours (I leave on in for 3 hours when I first apply then 2 hours when I top up my face and neck because the tan will have faded slightly) and my face matches my body.

It’s a spray on tan (non aerosol), it’s very quick and easy to apply, it does leave a slight green tinge to your skin but it’s not really noticeable, not enough to stop me leaving the house if I need to. It lasts up to a week and fades well, not in horrible patches. It has a bit of a smell but it’s not a really strong fake tan smell. Also because it’s a liquid you really do get a lot of applications from 1 bottle. I buy from ASOS because I have a premier account so I get free delivery and it comes with a mitt and gloves but a quick google search has shown me it’s available on John Lewis and cheaper on Amazon.

I think it’s really important to try and keep up with your usual routines when you’re pregnant or have a new baby because it’s very easy to lose your identity. And anything that helps you achieve a more polished look quickly and easily while you’re juggling motherhood is an essential in my book.




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