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Ladival SPF for Eczema


A friend of mine has a beautiful little boy who suffers with severe eczema, summer is a nightmare because most SPF creams irritate his already delicate skin. This year she discovered Ladival for Kids which has an SPF of 50, she has the spray and has been using it for a couple of weeks and it hasn’t irritated his delicate skin.

Sprays tend to contain alcohol as this one does and he’s been fine with it. There is also a cream version which doesn’t have alcohol denant as the second ingredient and so it may be even gentler. All of the Ladival SPF’s seem to be tailored towards sensitive skin but this one specifically mentions eczema and so if you or your child suffers, then it may be worth a try.

They generally retail for £20 per 200ml but right now, all Ladival products are half price at Boots, a fab bargain if you’re testing it on sensitive skin.

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