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I don’t know if it’s the aromatherapist in me but I have a thing for smells, I have to have smells around me at all times (good smells, the litter tray smell is not one I relish in) but I’m very particular about the smells I class as good, I’m constantly reading releases about new fragrances that sound amazing but when I smell them, I’m usually disappointed, in particular when it comes to figs smells. I LOVE anything fig, it’s not so much the fruit but the history of it, figs have been around for so long that they almost seem like a sacred fruit and in India, 1 fig tree is because apparently Buddha sat under it (I learned that bit of info on The Library of Fragrance website). So when I spoke to Clare from The Library of Fragrance about fig smells and how they’re always disappointing, she accepted my challenge and sent me a bottle of Fig Leaf, but was her confidence in her product worthy?


I’m thrilled to say yes it was, OMG it smells amazing! It smells like fig but better! It’s sweet but not sickly with a sexy, woody base that reminds me of sandalwood, it’s fresh but warm and it just smells so good. It’s also wearable, the freshness making it perfect for day wear but the musk would transform it in to a lovely, deep evening perfume. And I wasn’t the only one that liked it, the Mr who doesn’t usually like sweet smells really liked it and my almost 2 year old took the bottle and sat on the floor to sniff it (she seems to have my thing for smells), when I picked up my eldest 2 from school they both commented on how good the car smelled.


My little Peppa Pig sneaking sniff



If you haven’t been to The Library of Fragrance website before, you have to visit just to take a look at some of the wacky fragrances, from Play-doh, dirt, gin & tonic and curry, my eldest wants the pizza fragrance. They’re stocked in some Boot’s shops and I need to find one, I could quite happily spend a day making myself sick from smelling everything because I just love the concept. You can also mix the smells and so you could transform them in to your very own, unique blend of perfume. My granddad used to smoke a pipe and so the pipe tobacco will be in my list to try, just to see if it evokes memories of my childhood, such a beautiful thought.


The price is £14.99 for 30ml which I feel is very reasonable, I’d also happily use them as a beautiful and unique air fresher at that price. Shame I didn’t find them when I was pregnant, I was obsessed with the smell of coffee and coffee fragrances are usually sweet rather than deep and rich, I bet their espresso scent would have been perfect.



If you’ve tried any of their scents please do let me know which ones and what you thought because right now, trying to whittle my list down to a reasonable amount is proving to be quite difficult!


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