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Nivea In Shower Moisturiser


This is one of those products that shouldn’t work but actually does. When I first saw this advertised it happened to be on sale in Tesco so I bought the mineral formulation for normal skin to test it out. I have very sensitive legs and I cannot stand any creams, moisturisers or gels on them, it doesn’t matter what it is, if I can feel it, it makes me want to claw at my skin (which I will then do at night and wake up with bleeding legs!). I’m ok with certain SPF lotions but I do remove them before bed. The rest of my body is fine.

So a moisturiser that you apply in the shower and then rinse off appealed to me and I have been using it daily ever since (about 2 months). If you have dry skin then it may not be nourishing enough alone but for normal skin like mine it’s perfect, it really does leave the skin feeling hydrated and moisturised without leaving any residue on the skin. I’ve tried both the mineral for normal skin and the almond oil for dry skin and strangely enough I find the mineral formulation more nourishing.  I only use this on my legs and do moisturise the rest of my body.

I would highly recommend this product if you don’t like the feel of moisturiser on the skin or even if you want to intensely moisturise by using this in the shower and then moisturising when you come out. This is not suitable for the face and of course does not replace sunscreen.

The price is £3.65 for 250ml and £5.15 for 400ml. I normally buy in boots or tesco but I’ve just noticed while getting the link that if you buy from the Nivea website they have a 3 for 2 offer and free postage when you spend over £12 so I’ll definitely be ordering direct in future.




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