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Oilatum Products for Eczema

Moisturising Can be Fun!

Moisturising Can be Fun!

This is Lily, my middle daughter. She’s 5 and since she was born she’s had quite delicate skin. In the winter around her lips and cheeks get sore, in summer she tends to get eczema on her chest and back. I find with her skin maintenance is definitely better than cure, at the moment I apply Oilatum Cream morning and night, if the skin around her lips look a little red when she comes home from school then I’ll apply it then too, if we don’t apply her cream at least twice a day her skin will get red, sore and cracked by the next day.

The downside to this product is that it contains Light Liquid Paraffin which is a mineral oil, something I generally avoid BUT when you see your child scratching in agony, you find you can overlook something you wouldn’t normally use if it offers them comfort.

In the summer or when she gets hot, she starts to scratch at her chest, back and neck and that’s when I know we need to start treating her in these areas. Again twice a day. I find Oilatum one of the best products to use on her and within a few days it will completely clear her eczema up. Oilatum Cream is an emollient (softening, soothing agent) used in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and dry skin including ichthyosis.

It will help to moisturise the skin after washing and is suitable for people allergic to lanolin.

I also use the Oilatum cream on Aryana who’s currently 10 months, her cheeks can get a little dry and this softens them in only a couple of uses.

If you’re buying the cream I recommend the large 500ml pump bottle at £9.19 but you may also be able to get it on prescription. You can also get Oilatum in a Bath Formula for £9.49, this can also be used as a wash to clean the skin and again may be available on prescription.

If your child or even you suffer badly with the change in weather you may want to invest in a humidifier, adding moisture back in to the air when using central heating or when it’s hot can make a difference to sensitive skin.

If your child has sever eczema it’s worth looking in to an underlying cause. My girls are lactose intolerant, Eve my eldest would get a patch of eczema appear on her face within a few minutes of drinking cow’s milk. Lily tends to get constipated but it can also cause her skin to flare up.

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