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Ombre Nail Wraps H&M


It was a really gloomy weekend so my girlies and I decided to have a pamper day. I bought these Nail Wraps from H&M a few months ago while pregnant, they were meant for my toes but it was only when I went to apply them last weekend that I realised the largest size wasn’t big enough for my big toe. I don’t usually use nail stickers on my fingers because I know they wont last long but they were pretty and I wanted to try them out.

They were very quick and easy to apply, they took about 15-20 minutes. You don’t need any heat with these, you just peel them off, position, cut the free edge and then gently file to shape. They’re quite thin, not as thin as Minx but I assumed they may last as well, sadly I was wrong. In the picture above I had only been wearing them a couple of hours and already they had started to lift a little at the tip which meant the glue was exposed and fluff stuck to them. We had a very lazy day so I really didn’t do anything strenuous but the wraps couldn’t even cope with that and I took them off that evening. I just peeled them off and then moisturised my nails with sweet almond oil (which I had just massaged in to Ryan’s legs as he spent the day tiling our en-suite and toilet downstairs and was a little achy).

As they didn’t last, I’m going to be bugging my bestie who owns a beauty salon to try and create the same effect with shellac. I loved the colours and the way they blended together. They cost £2.99 from H&M for 24 so I have another strip left. Even though they didn’t last very long I would definitely wear them for a special occasion and may even wear them on a night out this weekend, the picture I took doesn’t really do them justice, they really did look gorgeous on and at £1.50 for a set of nails, I’m not going to complain about only getting a day’s use out of them.

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