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The Best Electric Women’s Shaver



It’s spring time, the sun is out, that can mean only one thing, regular shaving! (Before anyone decides to debate about promoting the necessity to shave, if you choose not to shave, that is totally your choice, my choice however is to remove hair)

I have hypersensitive skin on my legs, after trying a load of different shaving methods and products I finally resigned myself to the fact that I simply can not use a traditional, wet shave razor. Even waxing irritates my legs and I just don’t have the patience to use the electric epilators.

I’ve tried a few different electric shavers, they work ok but they never give a very close shave. I’d seen a review of the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver but of course it wasn’t available in the UK, so when I arrived in Florida last September, one of the first things I did was ordered this to be delivered to my hotel, thankfully now I see Amazon will ship to the UK. I selected same day delivery (buyers in America are so lucky!) and after charging it, I used it the next morning. Oh my gosh I was blown away, it gives the closest shave I’ve ever experienced from an electric shaver, it actually leaves the skin feeling smooth, a few tiny prickles maybe but so much better than anything I’ve ever tried before!

I would like to mention, years ago I bought a home use laser machine, it did soften and lighten my hairs which I do think helps, because electric razors don’t give as close a shave as traditional razors I used to notice that before I had the laser, some areas, around the lower leg for example would have a little shadow, this could be because I’m crazily pale though and the razor was a bit rubbish. I really recommend people keep an eye on websites such as Groupon, some places offer a huge discount on laser treatment, once the treatment is complete find another offer, if it’s something your budget can stretch to then it does make a difference.

It can be used wet or dry but I never find electric shavers work very well while wet so I always use dry, before a bath or shower. I’ve used it on my legs, underarms, bikini, toes, it works well everywhere. It gives a very close shave, not quite as close as a regular razor but very close, soft but not squeaky soft like shaving does because it hasn’t removed any dead skin.

It also comes with a trimming guard which clips over the head and gives 3 different length settings, I use this to trim my eyebrows, I use setting one which is the shortest setting because my eyebrows are pretty thick but I’d recommend starting at 3 and working your way down, that way you can control how much is taken off, it’s sooooo much easier than trimming with scissors.

If you do have extremely sensitive skin or you would like to try an electric shaver I really do HIGHLY recommend the Panasonic ES2216PC, I’ve actually just ordered another as I’ve annoyingly damaged the inside of mine and broken off one of the blades. The total on Amazon including Shipping and Import Fee’s is $36.41 which converts to roughly £28.41 which is crazily cheap considering how much they usually are in the UK. You will need a convertor plug to charge it, American to UK.

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