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Post Baby Weightloss


There’s been a bit of an uproar lately regarding Kate Middleton and her post baby bump, firstly the inappropriate comment about her bump being there straight after giving birth but then you have the people on the other side of the scale saying she should take her time and not worry about the weight loss. The next thing will be comments on how she’s being pressured in to losing weight when she’s first seen in her gym gear. As a mother who gave birth to her third child 11 weeks ago, here are my thoughts.

Leave the bloody woman alone! If she never wants to lose the baby weight then that’s her choice, if she wants to start working out when she’s been medically checked and classed as being fit enough to do so, then again, that’s her choice! After my first 2 daughters I snapped back and was in my regular clothes within 2-3 weeks, I knew with this one it would be different, not only was I HUGE but I am in my 30s which I think makes a difference, especially as she was my third. So when Aryana was 8 weeks old I hired a personal trainer. It wasn’t because I felt pressured to lose weight quickly or that I didn’t want Ryan to see me with all the post baby weight, I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t fit in to and at the end of the day, I’m perfectly capable of exercising, so why shouldn’t I? I’ve had a few people saying it’s a bit soon and I shouldn’t worry about it but I am worrying about it, I want to be ME again, I want to wear MY clothes, this is selfishly all about me and how I feel, I don’t care what others think.

I know there are plenty of women who say they love their post baby weight or their tiger stripes (stretch marks) because it celebrates their pregnancy. You know what celebrates my pregnancy? The baby that I gave birth too! I don’t need a flabby belly to remind me I was pregnant 11 weeks ago, I remember it well, plus I have pictures and they give me a nice happy memory, not the actual memory of being uncomfortable and itchy all the time.

I should point out here that I’m not someone that enjoys working out and I dread my training sessions but after I’ve completed them I feel amazing. I may have only given birth 11 weeks ago but I know I’m in the hands of an expert who will help get me back in to shape safely and without leaving me shaky and weak so that I can’t look after my baby. He also measures my body fat, weight and water every week so it’s great to see the results.

To boost my efforts I always train in my Zaggora capri trousers, they really make me sweat much more than I would normally, I also find them quite flattering, I have them in black so they really pull me in. I also have an infrared sauna that I use regularly to help with calorie burning and for it’s amazing health benefits but I’ll blog about them another time.

I’ll post my results in a few months time and hopefully I’ll be back in my normal winter clothes, the thick woolly jumpers that will be hiding my new, toned physic lol

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