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Postage Costs Explained

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I want to explain the postal costs on Bravura because I know some people get annoyed, particularly when they want to order a Dermaflannel or a chemical peel brush and the cheapest postage cost is £3.40.

Firstly we charge postage costs ONLY, we don’t charge any packaging on that. What this postage costs gives you is 48 hour delivery if you pay £3.40 or 24 hour delivery if you pay £4.25, this delivery is tracked from the moment it leaves our warehouse until it reaches your door. There are 2 reasons we have tracking.

The first is to ensure we offer you the best possible service, many people say “I don’t really care about tracking” but if your package has been dispatched a week ago and there’s no sign of delivery, you want to know where it is right? Without tracking we can’t tell you and the first thing people always ask is “can I have tracking for my delivery please because it hasn’t arrived?” you may have begrudged paying it but if there is a problem it will save a lot of time and hassle in us helping to locate your package.

The second reason is safety for us. Unfortunately not everyone is honest and some people will claim the package hasn’t been delivered when it has, if we didn’t have tracking they can then do a charge back through paypal or their bank to get the full amount of their order back. When I first started Bravura I offered the cheapest possible options for post, a few people claimed they hadn’t arrived and I replaced. Then one lady said to me “I’m going to charge back you, someone did this to me recently and because you’re not using tracking I’m going to do it to you” or something along those lines. It really sickened me that there were people like that out there, claiming a package hasn’t arrived and then doing a charge back is theft by deception and no better than walking in to a shop and stealing something. Therefor tracking was introduced as being mandatory.

Royal Mail recently changed their pricing structures, it doesn’t just go by weight anymore, it goes by thickness. If you buy a card that’s got lots of bits and decoupage on it, you may find you have to send it as a parcel and not a letter (as happened to me recently when I had to pay to receive a birthday card because it just had a normal stamp on it).

I am an online shopper myself, I HATE paying postage costs, I feel your pain I really do! But when you think about it, £3.40 to have a product arrive at your door within 2 days that you can track the whole way is pretty good, imagine all the staff Royal Mail have to pay to get this package to you.

International is a different story and we are negotiating a lower price at the moment, we’re hoping to introduce it within the next couple of weeks.

I hope that helps to soften the blow of the postage costs a little, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to add them below.


  1. Jackie Hanlon's Gravatar Jackie Hanlon
    January 27, 2014    

    I think its necessary to bring international postage costs down. I was about to purchase items until I seen the postage cost was over 10 euro to ireland! This is exorbitant for a 50ml bottle.

    • amandae's Gravatar amandae
      January 27, 2014    

      Oh definitely, these are again actual postage costs but because we’ve been sending a much larger amount of international mail over the last 5-6 months it means we’re able to negotiate lower costs. Unfortunately tracked international postage is always going to be higher than I’d like but we’ll always try and offer the best deals and absorb any packaging costs.

  2. Tara's Gravatar Tara
    January 28, 2014    

    It would be so cool if the shipping costs would be lower. I bought the dermaflannel recently and absolutely loved it – so naturally my family wanted 4 of them too, but 20€ just for shipping and VAT does seem a bit excessive, i hope there’ll be lower costs soon!

    • amandae's Gravatar amandae
      January 28, 2014    

      Unfortunately we have no control over VAT but when the lower postage prices are introduced we’ll send an email out to all customers, it’s not going to be a dramatic reduction because tracking is expensive but it will be as low as we can get it.

  3. Joanne's Gravatar Joanne
    January 29, 2014    

    ‘To have a product arrive at your door within 2 days’ is a bit far fetched. I ordered the Dermaflannel on Jan 24th and paid the £3.40. It wasn’t even dispatched until Jan 28th. Even if it gets here by 30th, that’s a week from ordering til delivery!
    And I resent the fact you assume all your customers are fraudsters who will claim they have not received anything, which is exactly how this post comes across.

    • amandae's Gravatar amandae
      January 29, 2014    

      Firstly my blog in to way claims that all my customers are fraudsters, you are welcome to read the terms and conditions of paypal and sagepay who state we should send every item with tracking. The fact of the matter is there are people who are disshonest and thankfully most of the people who had read my blog understand this. I would NEVER insult our customers.

      Secondly I have checked your order, you ordered at 6:23pm on Friday, past business hours. We don’t post orders at weekends and so your order wasn’t processed by us until the next business day which was Monday 27th, it was then dispatched 24 hours later on the 28th. As stated on our website “For UK deliveries we offer 2 options, 24 hour tracked and 48 hour tracked. These are not guaranteed delivery times but the times taken to deliver after your order is dispatched.
      We aim to process all orders placed before 12:00pm Monday-Friday same day, however this is not guaranteed, particularly on national holidays or on busy occasions where we may have a special offer available. We aim to post all UK orders within 3 working days.”

      I genuinely am sorry to hear you’re unhappy but I guess we can’t please everybody.

  4. Caroline's Gravatar Caroline
    February 20, 2014    

    I’d just like to say that 2 days isn’t far fetched at all! I ordered my products on Monday lunchtime they were posted Tuesday and were in my hands by Wednesday morning and I live in the North East of Scotland! Couldn’t fault the service at all and have had similar experiences for my previous buys and also people I have recommended the products to couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived. When I’m buying quality products that actually work I don’t mind paying a little extra for the postage. It’s impossible to get it right every time but unfortunately there are too many people in the world these days that would rather try and get something for nothing!

    • amandae's Gravatar amandae
      February 20, 2014    

      Thank you Caroline 🙂

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