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Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

There’s been a lot of hype over the new Bold Metals Collection from Real Techniques.

I’ve followed the Pixiwoo sisters for a few years on YouTube and their tutorials are always fantastic, so when they brought out their first range of brushes, I bought a few items and loved them. When I saw this latest collection I fell in love with the handle colours but also the uniqueness of some of the brush heads.


The flat edge is designed to apply foundation

The item I’ve purchased is the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush for £22, I really want the contour brush which has a flat head, but that’s unfortunately out of stock at the moment. The brush is a little firmer than I’m used to (I usually use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush which is super soft) but not too firm that it’s unpleasant. Because of its unique shape it also makes it easier to apply to harder to reach places like around the curves of the nose. It’s beautifully glamorous, gold can be tacky, these aren’t. They’re so Art Deco and the kind of thing you could imagine you’d have found on Marilyn Monroe’s dressing table.


The triangle edge is designed for harder to reach places such as around the nose and under the eyes

Now I’ve heard some arguments about their cost, yes they’re not far off the price of say M.A.C’s foundation brush but it has a unique shape, not to say anything negative about M.A.C as I haven’t tried their brush but it’s the same as all the other foundation brushes out there. Sam and Nic are professional make-up artists, this is their profession, that makes them ideal for designing products not only for professionals, but women, young and old who want to get the best from their brushes. And yes so what if they’re mass produced, do you think other brands make each one by hand? What people don’t realise is when you manufacture something it’s not just the cost of making that product, a lot goes in to it, lots of testing, package design and of course marketing, this is a business and the price has to cover all costs.


The pointed tip is designed to help buff in your foundation or to apply concealer to targeted areas.

I also love that they’re synthetic, firstly because I’m against the use of animal fur but also because I’m allergic to a lot of furs so animal fur brushes bring me out in a rash. Another great thing about synthetic is that it doesn’t absorb the product and I noticed that I’ve been using less foundation with this brush because of this.

Another cool feature is the QR Code that you can scan and bring up tutorials.



The full collection is available from Boots, prices range from £10 up to £25 per brush.


I don’t need many more brushes, as I said I want the contour brush and I like the look of the pointed crease brush so I’ll definitely be getting these, if any brushes need replacing, I’d buy from the Real Techniques.


TIP – Remember to regularly wash your brushes, if you have acne I recommend washing any brushes that touch your face after each use. After you wash, always make sure your brushes are pointing down as they dry so that the water doesn’t collect in the ferrule (the bit the brush sticks out of) of the brush which can weaken the glue. Here’s an example on my Instagram. 

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