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Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish


I have recently re-discovered a love for Rimmel London, I’d avoided the brand for years, I’ve been trying to figure out the reason why and I think it’s because it takes me back to the pale biscuit foundation ( which was actually darker than my naturally super pale skin) and coffee and heather shimmer lipstick I wore in my early teens, my brain thinks that now that I’m a grown up I should we using more adult brands, I get the same feeling if I see a dress in a magazine that I like then find out it’s from Miss Selfridge. Thankfully, I’ve overcome my aversion and have been using some fab products.

The first one I’m reviewing is their Lycra Pro Nail Polish which they claim lasts up to 10 days. Now did I really think this was going to last 10 days? No I didn’t. Thankfully I wasn’t doing anything majorly important for the end of last week so I could tests the varnish properly, this is how they looked after 8 days, please excuse the cuticles.


Now although it didn’t last 10 days I still love this nail polish. The brushes on these polishes are amazing, they make application so easy and the formula dries really quickly, which means you’re painted and ready to go in about 5 minutes. They cost around £4.50 and do last about 4 days, I didn’t use any base or top coat so a good base coat may help it last longer. The beauty of a nude varnish is that when it does start to chip you can hardly notice which is why I chose to use the beige colour.

You can buy these all over the net with a simple google search but I’m having a hard time finding the colour above so I may need to find a new favourite.

Note: Just to point out, my finger in the top pic looks a little yellow, I’m not a smoker, it’s fake tan, it leaked through a tiny tear in my mitt.



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